Baker Street

Baker Street Dental

What is the Baker Street Dental Group?

The Baker Street Dental Group is a small chain of dental practices with expertise in cosmetic dentistry. They have been established since 1973, making them one of the first dental groups to focus on cosmetic dentistry. The first practice opened in Baker Street, London, but there are now two more London based practices after growth and positive reviews from patients. One is in Hammersmith and the other is near Liverpool Street station. Both are within easy walking distance of tube stations. The group prides itself on offering high quality care from the best qualified technicians, using the most modern equipment and the highest quality materials.

What Treatments do they Offer?

As well as general dental treatment, the group has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry and offers a wide range of procedures and treatments designed to give you the best smile possible. A review of your requirements will be done before any treatment is under way. All the technicians employed by the Baker Street Dental Group are highly qualified. The group believes in advanced dentistry and has experts in every dental discipline. The treatments available include:

Before you have any treatments done you will have a full review, which will consider your smile from all angles and judge how it sits with your other features. You will then have a consultation where you can discuss your concerns and preferences, and your practitioner will tell you about all your treatment options. The Baker Street Dental Group believes that good communication is the key to their success.

Opening Hours

The Baker Street Dental Group is the only group in London to offer a twenty-four hour emergency appointment service. The practices only open by appointment on Sundays, or for emergency care.